Hemoptysis is a medical term used when you are coughing up blood from your respiratory tract. This is a serious condition especially if left untreated. There are also lots of other conditions that could cause you from coughing up blood.

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Hemoptysis is divided into different types depending on the amount of blood you cough up within 24 hours.

There are many different medical conditions in your lungs that could make you cough up blood, and they include:

Other causes could also include:

There are also other conditions that makes you cough up blood but are different from hemoptysis. They differ by determining where the blood is coming from.

Typically, coughing up blood gets better on its own without treatment, especially if the cause is acute bronchitis. But there is no other way in making sure that the only cause of you coughing blood is acute bronchitis than to have yourself checked by a pulmonologist. Your pulmonologist will surely do more tests to get a proper diagnosis. Make sure that you are treating the underlying condition to stop you from coughing up more blood and prevent it in progressing into a more serious medical condition.


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