If the airways of the lungs, called bronchi, get infected, inflamed, and irritated, you might have bronchitis. This condition is often common, often developing from a cold or other respiratory infections. People who have this condition often cough up thick mucus, experience wheezing, and have difficulty breathing.

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There are two types of bronchitis:


The common symptoms for both types of bronchitis can include:

With acute bronchitis, you may also have symptoms of colds, such as mild headaches or body pain. Make sure that you see your doctor if you have a cough that:


Acute bronchitis is typically caused by the same virus that causes colds and flu. It can also be caused by a bacterial infection and exposure to substances that can irritate the lungs, such as dust and air pollution.

Chronic bronchitis is usually caused by smoking. It can also be caused by repeated irritation and damage to the lung and airway tissues. Other causes can include:


Most of the time, acute bronchitis gets better on its own within a couple of weeks. Your medical provider may also advise a patient with bronchitis to take a good rest, drink lots of fluid, take over-the-counter medications, and use a humidifier or steam. While chronic bronchitis cannot be cured, its signs and symptoms can be managed. Its treatment will be different. Treatment can include oxygen therapy, pulmonary rehabilitation, medication, or a combination of these.

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